1 Vienna, Austria (Intro)

But! Before I talk about my adventures, I must first share my adventures in Vienna, Austria where I made myself home.

Vienna, Austria – May 2012

It’s now been about 6 weeks since I have arrived here, and every day I still discover something new! It’s either a new angle of the city, a new area of the city, a shop, a theater, a park or a scenery that will just make you stop and admire that moment. Plus, now having watch THE THIRD MAN (1949) and THE SUNRISE (1995), two famous films based in Vienna, it is quite interesting to walk along the same streets I see in both movies. In fact, THE THIRD MAN does remind watchers how much the beautiful Vienna we see today was damaged and was rebuilt after the World Wars. Yet, its amazing how there are a number of buildings and locations shown in that film that still exist today.

For those who have never been to Vienna or Austria, if you were about to pass it because it’s a small nation, my simple answer to you is –  Don’t underestimate its beauty and culture!! I must admit, the last time I was here for few days, I wasn’t impressed. But now living here, I’m able to observe and enjoy is beauty and culture more and more…so much that I wish I had a place here so that I can return to Vienna all the time!

That being said, here are few highlights in Vienna that you should check out the next time your here (Or at least what I love here!):

1. Architecture full of history and culture:  Generally anywhere within the 1st District is beautiful. I often pick  a random path and purposely get lost so that I discover new allies. And every time, the city hasn’t failed to greet me with a building I would admire. Also, most buildings in Austria are pastel color which I love.

If its too hot during the day time, the night stroll along the D tram line is also a hit. My favorite is from the State Opera House to Schttontor. The cityview from both the St. Stephen Cathedral in Stephanplatz and Kahlenberg, which is in the outskirt of city center, is beautiful too! See what I got to see on a very fine day.

The Streets in Vienna 2012 @MK

Night stroll with the full moon at Hofburg Palace in Vienna
The View from St. Stephen Cathedral on one fine Sunday. @MK

2. Theaters, Operas, and Music!: Vienna is a city full of art and music! And if you weren’t before, no big deal. The city invites you to appreciate these cultures because there are theaters and music shows literally everywhere. I’ve already seen about 10 different shows (opera, concert, and theaters) at four different theaters (Volksopera, Vienna State Opera House, Volkstheater, and Burgtheater). Many were in only German, but I still loved all the shows. The reason why I was able to watch so many shows is because most theaters offer standing tickets that are really cheap (usually 2-5 Euros) and has a reasonably good view! Hence, even if I did not understand the show fully, I was less worried about it because I was able to see an Opera just for 4 Euros. (In fact, I was even lucky to get a really cheap office box ticket for just 35 Euros from one of the guys at the street. Generally its two times that price! I got the ticket because it was few hours before the show and there was only one ticket left which he couldn’t sell to a couple!) So yes, I’ve been quite lucky. My favorite so far was Carmen, Tosca, and Romeo and Juliet! Yes, there is a reason why they are classics? right?

Inside the Opera House @MK

Read what you see, but think beyond what you read – @ Vienna State Opera House

Romeo and Juliet – Modern version at Burgtheater (Listen: Notwist, Consequences)