Why I am returning back to 01 city Vienna Austria

One of the best parts of traveling in Europe is that no matter where I go, I always have a home to return to…Vienna Austria!! While I have been inspired each time I visit different cities, having lived in Vienna so far for the past seven weeks, I can tell you that this is indeed a city full of history, culture, and music!! Perhaps, those who have lived here already for few years will feel like he or she had seen and learned enough of this city.  However, even they will admit that this is a charming city that you can’t see everything within just few days. As for me, I do hope to return here and live here again (– Maybe I should consider a job that will bring me back here!?)

Hello from Vienna, Austria!

In fact, now looking back at the photos I have taken so far in the past seven weeks in Europe, over 34 percent of my photos (which is equivalent of 1,420 photos) are just from Vienna, Austria. There are just so many pretty angles and interesting places that I could not stop myself from putting my camera down. In fact, every other day after work I would purposely walk a different route home by either getting off a random metro stop or by taking a different path home and… just walk and explore!! You would think that after few weeks you would have seen all, but NO. Even when I do decide to walk the same path, I often notice a new building, a new store, or a new pathway that I didn’t realize the first time I was there. Suddenly I find myself dazzled by this city that constantly shows me something new that I just can’t help but smile. Plus, since the sunsets quite late in the summer time, even when its 8pm (20:00) when I had walked for about two hours it is still light and I feel safe to continue my walk and exploration of the city.

Part of the Vienna city view

Thus, I want to introduce Vienna, Austria to those who are not familiar with this city. Many who travel Europe tend to underestimate the beauty and significance here because when they have so little time to travel, they would rather want to see Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome. Well, yes those are all very good. But I’m telling you that if you do have a passion and an interest in architecture, art, music, history, and long walks to enjoy all of these, I would suggest you to consider Vienna. You will see when you come. It’s relaxing and charming here.

Relaxing in the rain in Vienna, Austria

While it is a German-speaking country, it is quite different from Germany. While it is not as rich as the other Western European countries, it is definitely one of the richest and fancier ones in Eastern Europe. In fact, if one traces back history, one will learn how Salzburg and Vienna has a long history of keeping its name as an ‘elite city.’  Even today you can get a sense of that ‘I’m from Vienna’ pride. And why shouldn’t they! They deserve to be proud.

Hence, I decided to divide my stories of Vienna in the following categories for my readers to better understand and appreciate Vienna and Austria. If readers have any other suggestions or would like to learn another aspect that is not discussed below let me know via comment or email below. In the meanwhile, I hope to introduce Vienna in the following four categories. And if this second introduction of Vienna has not convinced you yet, I hope you will be by the time you finish reading my other stories of Vienna.

So here it goes!!!

Part 1: Introduction – I have already done this in the earlier post so please scroll down!

Part 2: Architectures in Vienna –  While I do not have a particular architecture background, I do have an appreciation of its history and existence itself. Here I would like to share some of my favorite buildings and spaces I’ve discovered and the architecture patterns I’ve noticed in Vienna and Austria.

Part 3: Miss Kang’s favorite walks in Vienna – While many tourist trips have their tourist walks, I have a number of favorite walks in the city that I would like to suggest. In fact, when you hear my reasons and pictures, I hope you’ll be convinced to try them on your own the next time you come to Vienna. And do tell me how you liked it in person!

Part 4: What to not miss in Vienna! – Now if you’re here for only few days and you really can’t do everything, well in that case, I hope this list helps you!

Vienna, Austria – 2012

Continue reading part 2:Architecture in Vienna in the next post!!


2 thoughts on “Why I am returning back to 01 city Vienna Austria

  1. I consider Vienna one of my favorite places in the world. Have you yet attended a concert at the Musikverein or seen an opera at the Staatsoper? Tickets are very cheap and the music is world-class.

    1. Hello! I’m glad to hear that you also love Vienna. Thanks for sharing your comment! I totally agree that Vienna is one of the best places to enjoy music and opera. In fact, I went to the Staatsoper quite often before it closed for the summer holidays. I didn’t get to see a concert at Musikverein but I did pass by and sneaked in to see the atmosphere! I hope you enjoy my other posts about Vienna!

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