Traveling in process

Dear all readers,

First, thank you all for reading and checking out my blog! I am thrilled to see how many people have enjoyed my photos and stories. Your enthusiasum has, in fact, encouraged me to continue this path! So please continue to check it out!

I still owe you my stories from my trip to Lübeck, Hamburg, and Český Krumlov. However, since I will be traveling again for the next few weeks in Europe, I will not be able to have regualr internet access to fully upload them. Hence, I have decided to upload them after my trip in few weeks. But in the meanwhile, please enjoy what I have shared so far! I look forward hearing your comments and questions, if you have any!

And since I know you are curious of the three places I have been, here are some preview photos to get you started….!

See you soon.




Beautiful city full of historical architecture: Meet Lübeck
A perfect place to enjoy your tea and dessert in Lübeck


Hello Hamburg!
Beautifuly Hamburg

Český Krumlov

The small UNESCO village in Czech Republic that everyone visits from Austria: Český Krumlov
About to discover the beautiful Český Krumlov

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