Hello from Europe!

Have you followed the exchange rate for Euros and Swiss francs vs USD? The rate for USD is stronger than it has ever been. It’s time to travel to Europe!

When I saw the EURail’s promotional price on their train tickets, I decided to plan my trip to Europe. I’ve been longing to go back to Europe since 2012. This April was my opportunity to go and have fun!

I’m still on the road. But here are some highlights and pictures from the trip so far!

1. Istanbul, Turkey

The city is chaotic and energetic and I loved every bit of it. There are so many people, buildings, mosque, tourists, and pigeons. It’s so lively here. I can now understand why people love this place. Why the Ottoman Empire adored this place. With the hilly streets and ocean on the side, you get a stunning view of the city. We spent three days here and was sad we had to leave. But with easy access to transportation and alley streets we got to see a lot of things in Istanbul. Plus all th food we had was amazing.

asia side of Istanbul
Inside the Blue Mosque
Hello Sofia Mosque
Inside Sofia Mosque
Turkish rugs

2. Budapest, Hungary

A short pleasant trip! We had only a half day here. Went up to the old city to see the castle, city view, and the church. The beautiful weather was helpful to capture great pictures of the city.

Budapest church
Budapest City view
Hero Square

3. Vienna, Austria

I am biased since I lived in Vienna and grew to love it. Let’s just say it was great to come back home.

Vienna Stephanplatz


4. Florence, Italy

Starting your day at 6 am with a sunrise at Michelangelo’s Square? Why not.

Good Morning Florence
Streets and Duomo

Other half in the next post..

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