Hello from Europe 4

About 8-10 hours away from Zurich is Germany’s capital city, Berlin. One of my favorite cities in Europe.

Hello Berlin Dome

10. Berlin, Germany
People say this is a city that you will either love or hate. The city is full of history, art, politics, business, and creativity. Yet, because of its unique taste, some may feel the city too much. For me, this would be one of the places I would love to live if I lived in Europe. As a non-European, this is a great international city. As a history lover, this is also a great place to learn constantly and be creative at the same time. In fact, because there is so much to do in Berlin, we decided to stay at least 3 days. Here is a glimpse of what we did.


the Gate


the view from the dome


chocolate heaven


the historic wall


really good street currywrust near Zoo station. Curry 36


buildings in Berlin are like art


MuseumSquare is a must


inside museumSquare


Gate of Babylon


go do the Parliament Tour. its free!


getting lost at the Monument. its a maze. walk inside


the wall


11. Dresden, Germany

3 hours away from Berlin is Dresden. Another historically important site. While a large part of the city was boomed and destroyed during WW II, thanks to the restoration development we are able to get a taste of what the beautiful old city could have looked like. If one has time to be around Berlin, I highly recommend a side trip to Dresden. Block off some time to enjoy the river and check out a couple museums. We had limited time but we were able to check out at least two which cannot be missed if you are visiting Dresden. Here are some highlights.


the ancient mural at Dresden


the Dome that was destroyed during the war is restored and stands in white in memory


Saxony food was really good. miss this sausge soup


inside Zwinger – photos are not permitted inside the exhibitions so I only took pictures of the beautiful buildings from outside


who doesn’t like a building that creates music? Check out Regenwasserspiel. the entire corner is full of artsy building

12. Prague, Czech

Now 3 hours from Dresden is the beautiful city Prague. You have probably read about this romantic city in so many magazines. They are not kidding. Each alley way seems to have a story and history marked that you cannot help but smile as you skip along the stone wall. The only downside, I would say is that this place has become very touristy. Compared to the last time I could see that there were tons of tourists traps. If one has time to explore Czech Republic, I would recommend checking out at least 1-2 other cities near Prague to get a glimpse of what other cities in Czech look like. For instance, Bruno and Cesky Krumlov, while another popular touristy destinations, are very beautiful must site seeing destinations. Here is a glimpse of what we explored at our time at Prague.


Hello Prague city from Prague Castle


inside Prague Castle


inside Prague Castle Church


Charles Bridge at Prague




13. Salzburg, Austria

The best way to reach Salzburg is from Munich, Germany or Vienna, Austria. Since we were at Prague we took the train to Munich and then took the train to Salzburg. I adore Salzburg. This is a small town but a beautiful musical city. Yes, I’m not going to hide that I love “Sound of Music.” Even though all my Austrian friends they have never seen the movie and does not share the same enthusiasm, I cannot help but feel jumpy when I see the castle walls and monastery that I saw in the movie still exist. This is also were Mozart spent a significant amount of time doing his music. You can visit his birth place as well as his house while you nimble on the Mozart chocolate collection. We lucked out on the weather.




Salzburg city


Mozart Museum and house


The mountains




14. Munich, Germany

Lastly, how can we miss out on Munich? If you ever travel to Europe, you’ll always find yourself at Munich or Frankfurt airport. If you are able to, next time do a 24 hour delay and check out the city. There is so much to see. We even came in time to check out the Spring Festival, a spring version of the famous October Festival for those who can’t wait to drink until October. There are a lot of students and businesses and like many cities, this is a place where there rent is high due to lack of housing. That might be a market to tap in if you are there for a while.


City Hall


city center


inside one of the oldest churches in Munich


The Spring Festival is packed!


the Opera house


yup. surfing in the middle of the city is legal


pretzels. yumm.


Spring Festival

So alas, this is where my big Europe trip end. But now you must be asking, how in the world did she plan this trip? Let me explain that in my next post.

Copyright Β© 2015. Monica H. Kang, All Rights Reserved.


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